Indroduction: About Me

What pays the bills?

I am a market research and product management professional that also has spent time working in the commercial property and casualty insurance industry in a variety of roles.

As an analytical and results-driven marketing professional, I possess extensive experience impacting organizational performance through research, data analysis, team leadership and consultative expertise.

At my core, I am a market researcher who possesses the belief that “knowledge is power”. To that end, I possessing a creative and analytical mindset and thirst for knowledge, I have a relentless drive to succeed and a passion for making a positive impact on those I work with.

Getting to know me… the sports fanatic:

I am a born and raised New Englander who has played and/or coached baseball, basketball, football and soccer. Sports (most notably professional) are a passion of mine and I am a die hard fan of the Celtics, Patriots and Red Sox. Despite moving to Cleveland in 2013, my need to keep these teams top of mind daily has not waned at all. 

Like many sports fans, I have strong opinions of my teams of interest. An opportunity presented itself to me to share my thoughts to a wide audience through Yahoo! Contributing Writer program.  From there, I earned an opportunity to share my basketball-specific passions to CLNS Radio as a contributing writer.

Those opportunities sparked my interest to branch out and create my own web presence, sharing my thoughts on the sports world as founder of Banner Day Sports (formerly Banner Day Boston). 

To the right of this page you will find content from Banner Day Sports.

In addition to writing content on all the four major sports, I also created Banner Day Boston radio, where I interviewed many of Boston’s most respected writers and discussed key topics on each of the teams.

At present, I have been on a hiatus while I focused more on “paying the bills”, but come back soon as I plan on re-launching the site and shows for your my enjoyment and your consumption.

This journey has been exciting and very rewarding. I hope you venture forward and take a look at the content presented. Thank you for visiting!