Finally Flying High Now

Throughout my life, there has been few visuals that have had a lasting impact on my life. One such item is the video of fictional boxer Rocky Balboa running up the stairs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art as part of his training montage. From that comes the iconic image of Rocky; perched at the top of the steps with arms raised in victory.

Since seeing that decades below, I have always wanted to recreate that moment for myself. This past Father’s Day, that opportunity arrived. On a hot sunny day in the “City of Brotherly Love” I ran the very same steps made forever known by Sylvester Stallone, turned around and raised my arms in victory. the gesture was a celebration; not for my ability to do it, but rather finally achieving something I have visualized in my mind for close to 30 years.

Thanks to my wonderful wife; not only did this make a special Father’s Day for me, she also captured the moment.

In photo:


In video:

Rocky Steps